This course is suggested to all people who have had previous experience with pottery (we do not recommend it to beginners). You will also need some basic pottery tools (or access to a studio), as well as access to a kiln for firing the piece at different stages

Course Overview

    1. Welcome

    2. Materials and Tools

    3. Preparations

    1. Rolling out the Clay and Compressing the Clay

    2. Putting the Clay on the Mold and Smoothing out the Clay

    3. Trimming the clay and adding coloured slip

    4. Taking the bowl off the hump mold and placing it into the press mold

    5. Waiting for the right firmness and making the cut

    6. Assembling the Swirl Bowl and cutting off the tip

    7. Joining the Swirl Bowl and adding the Back

    8. Grinding and Sponging the Edges

    9. Painting over with Coloured Slip

    10. Painting the Tree Design

    11. Preparing the Bowl for the Bisque Firing

    12. Bisque Firing your Swirl Bowl

    13. Preparing the Swirl Bowl for Glazing

    14. Glazing the Swirl Bowl

    15. Adding details (optional)

    16. Glaze firing the Forest Swirl Bowl and Grinding the bottom from dripped glaze

    1. Adding a 24kt Gold Lustre Rim

About this course

  • £54.99
  • 20 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

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